A Breakthrough Course for Women of all ages delivered by Lisa Skeffington

A Breakthrough Hands-on and Proactive Course Delivering Strategies for Women of all ages to Overcome Anxiety and Take Control!

From Teenage insecurity to Menopausal mayhem, this is the course is for you if are you fed up with holding yourself back because you are feeling anxious in your life!

"This course helps women and teenage girls learn how to overcome anxiety and take control, so that you can create a life that works and feel more relaxed, happy and secure within yourself.”

The chances are you have some degree of low level anxiety running in the background all the time.  Truth is whether you are a teenager, a younger or a more mature woman, the issues relating to self doubt and powerlessness which underpin anxiety are often fundamentally very similar, if not the same.  These days, social media creates a lot of insecurity in teen girls adding to their anxieties with peer pressure, performance and early relationships. Regardless of the circumstances, as a woman or as a teen needing to learn how to take control and feel better about yourself and within yourself, this course will help you.

This course will help you to feel more able to release the brake on your life and stop holding yourself back.  Many clients feel lighter and so much more ‘free’ within themselves once they learn to help themselves in the way that I will show you on this course.

I really want to help you to find peace within yourself and feel relaxed in your daily living. 

This course provides a real hands-on and pro-active approach, to help you to overcome anxiety and move forward. The course will show you

✔      how to learn to relax

✔      how to re-gain a sense of control

✔      how to clear panic attacks 

✔      how to switch off from negative thinking

✔      how to grow your self-esteem 

✔      how to start believing in yourself 

As you learn to love and accept yourself more you will feel more able to trust yourself to handle any pressured situation, which would otherwise overwhelm you. Feeling calmer and healthier you’ll enjoy being more in balance physically, mentally and emotionally. 

Client Success Stories

“Knowing Lisa believed in me taught me how to believe in myself.”
“I was struggling with alcohol. Drinking too much too often and at inappropriate times. I was feeling low, afraid and not feeling very good about myself at all. Lisa’s reply to my initial email enquiry was so kind and it gave me hope. I now feel in control of myself and my life and I feel a sense of peace. I feel so much healthier and am quite proud of myself. I felt I could show my soul to Lisa as I had total trust in her. Knowing Lisa believed in me taught me how to believe in myself. It’s funny how you can feel in such a dark place with no idea how to make life a happier one after trying so many times to change and constantly failing. Then one day a decision to seek professional help and here I am just 8 weeks on feeling like a huge black cloud has finally and truthfully gone.” Claire, 50 – Receptionist

“I personally think you’ve been the best therapist I’ve ever had”
“I left Uni following an emotional breakdown. I was spiralling in depression, feeling weak and helpless with high anxiety due to my troubled childhood and ongoing relationship issues. I had had therapy before but it did not help enough so initially I was reluctant to consider help to try to experience life with a positive outlook. Your particular process of therapy showed immediate positive results. Things now have greatly improved. My depression has lifted and I feel a whole lot more capable and happier on a day to day basis. I’m out of a negative place physically and mentally. I’ve been able to do more things and have more fun. I’m more social, more active and better able to take responsibility for myself. You offer things that my previous therapists didn’t provide, like online chats and, the ability to adapt yourself to the person you’re treating. I personally think you’ve been the best therapist I’ve ever had due to your techniques and your flexibility. I would definitely recommend you. I’ve spoken of your methods and your attitude to people who are struggling, that it’s a really positive approach rather than just talking about problems and not a lot else gets done. But with you, the approach is far more positive and proactive.” Eva, 22 – Student

“Now I can get on with my life in a calmer and more positive way”
I was suffering anxiety in everyday situations, feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope in general. I was comparing myself to others, self-conscious and holding myself back in performance. I feel so much more confident and positive and able to do anything I want to do. I’m worrying much less about what other people think of me. I’m not feeling as tense about things like giving presentations at school, asking questions, even visits to the Dr. and Dentist which means I can get on with my life in a calmer and more positive and relaxed way.   Rosie, 15 Student

“I feel more alive and confident”
The sense of freedom growing in myself is unbelievable. I feel more alive and confident. You have well and truly exceeded my expectations.” Tamara, 50

Lisa Skeffington
Lisa Skeffington

About the Instructor

Described as ‘The Helper For Anxious Teens’ by Woman and Home Magazine, Lisa was honoured to be shortlisted in the ‘50 Amazing Women Over 50′ Awards 2018 for her contribution to ‘Shaping The Future,’ in her dedication to helping teenagers and their families with anxiety and emotional stress.

Lisa is based in Dorset, UK and works nationally and internationally online. Lisa is an accomplished psychotherapist and hypnotherapist.

Drawing on her own experiences as an anxious teen herself, Lisa helps teens to feel confident and less misunderstood in an often very isolating stage of development.

Her passion is to help every teenager to recognise the power within themselves so that they may feel more relaxed, happy and secure in their daily living.

What's included?

13 Videos
8 Texts
13 PDFs
4 Audios

Course Curriculum

Introduction and Welcome - How to Overcome Anxiety and Take Control in 30 Days

What makes this course different?

How To Overcome Anxiety in 30 Days is not just another academic and theoretical course to learn about Anxiety. Instead, it provides real hands-on and pro-active strategies to help you to overcome anxiety and move forward.

Lisa is passionate about providing real value and this course shows it!  

Total listening time for the course is nearly 4 hours including 1hr and 45 mins of easy to grasp pragmatic strategies on four MP3 audios, which are delivered as if you were in an actual therapy consultation session with her.  

In addition, the 12 support downloads provide a mix of infographics, action sheets and workbooks, which make it easy for you to take action in a step by step way. 

Additional Bonuses you’ll get included with the course that you will not find anywhere else…

  • With each module, you’ll get downloadable action sheets or workbooks – total of 12 downloads throughout the course
  • Over 1.5 hours of audio therapy support
  • Nearly 4 hours of video therapy, hands-on support and advice
  • Direct email contact with Lisa with a 24-hour turnaround on a weekday and 48-hour response time at weekends
  • Access to Lisa's private international Facebook group for pro-active anxiety support ‘Wobbles and Worries’
  • 10% Discount on working one 2 one with Lisa

"This course is for you if are you fed up with holding yourself back because you are feeling anxious in your life!

For a small financial investment but with a dedicated investment of your time, you can access the tools that you need to move forward to a better place in your life. 

By dedicating just ONE hour a day over the 30 days, you will be able to make and implement significant changes you need to make a real difference in your life. 

You will learn how to take control so that you may move forward to a better and happier life, feeling good about yourself and within yourself.

Have you ever considered what it is costing you by feeling more and more powerless to step up and get what you want for yourself and be happy? Wouldn’t you rather be able to look back on your life feeling honestly that you loved life and took all the opportunities that it offered you with confidence and courage?   I’m offering you a fantastic opportunity here for you to make a real difference for yourself in your life at a fraction of the expense of what it costs to consult with me on a one 2 one.    

I really hope you’ll take the opportunity to help yourself in the best way today and grab this course whilst it’s still available. You’ve only got that anxiety to lose!  Come join me."

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